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One of the hottest new trends in adult entertainment is the vaginal cumshot. For those that are just now finding out about it you are the lucky ones due to the large amount of great hardcore creampie video now available. Up until about a year ago finding internal cumshots was a long and tedious process with very few places to find it. Long and hard searches were required in those days but now we have a multitude of great places to enjoy this very hot vaginal cumshots.

What are Internal Cumshots? This site serves as a refference for those interested in amateur adult creampie videos and pictures with internal cum shots. What it is an vaginal cumshot, meaning the guy cums inside the vagina of the woman as opposed to pulling out and ejaculating which tends to be the trend in adult entertainment. Normally the male actor pulls out before he cums and shoots on the woman, usually her face or across some part of her body. In teen creampie videos, the man does not pull out and instead ejaculates into the womans pussy and the guy pulls out we can see aftermath of his ejaculation.

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Why not put that load of cum where it belongs, right inside her pussy! I've seen all the oral and facial cumshots I can stand and its truely a breath of fresh air finding all the great creampie movies cumming to the foreground for us that believe cum belongs inside a womans pussy.

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Succulent ladies are super hot and I love to watch a little fire eyed sluts fuck and suck cock. Theres not much better than watching milky skinned young teen chick take up a hard cock inside her black furry pussy and they aren't affraid to show off some spectacular internal cumshots either.

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Well I can say there is such a thing as pussy cum but generally it means different things to different people. Some women can really squirt off some monster load of juice but for the most part this term just reffers to the white cum coating that slicks up a womans pussy when she gets really excited.

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It doesn't matter which way you call it, a creampie is a cumshot but creampie specifically reffers to a pussy or ass getting loaded up with hot man juice. The term creampie came about years ago when there where few internal cumshots on the web but thankfully that has all changed and we now enjoy many.

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Doesn't matter how you spell it out, it means a pussy is getting filled with cum. I'm not sure who desided to add the technical refference of vaginal to the mix but I suppose it was more of a marketing term when it first hit the web. Now everyone understands that creampie means internal cumshots.

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This is just another way to label the internal cumshot or in industry term the creampie. Although with this description you can't be certain that pussy is getting filled because the anal creampie is also included in this description. Some sites badly take advantage of this broad meaning and throw in some oral cumshots.


The amateur sites of the world where the first to start showing more of more internal cumshots in pictures, video, and even on live cam. These great leaders would start to overshadow the long common practise of external cum shots, whereby a man would cum all over a girls body or face instead of inside her vagina, mouth, or ass. I'll never figure out exactly why so many in the adult biz didn't realize the potential of such a large untapped market but then again why care, we have lots of great cum filled vaginal creampie pussy action to satisfy you for months to cum. Just to recap for those tyring to grasp what creampie is exactly, it is a vaginal cumshot which is when a man blows his load inside a woman's vagina without a condom on. Instead of the ussuall system where he would pull it out and squirt it on her back he just holds it in deeper and releases every drop just as nature intended. The act and aftermath that follows is what true creampie fanatics love, and without a doubt the images of a woman spread wide gazing down between her legs at a hard pumping cock is an amazing thing to behold. The look in her eyes as she receives an internal cumshot is like no other when she realizes that the warm gooey sensation inside her is a live load of sperm inside her pussy. The other enjoyable part is when the stud pulls his spent penis from her full snatch which unleashes a steam of hot semen from her vagina. The long strings of cum dribbling from inside running down her ass on messing the sheets are a wonderfull thing to enjoy.

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